Case Studies

Case 1: Brazil Market Entry for financial network security solution provider

Client Background: a supplier of a highly secure network infrastructure solution (preferred by the US intelligence and defense communities in Iraq and Afghanistan) viewed changes in electronic banking regulations as an opportunity to enter commercial business and targeted Brazil as their initial offshore market. Because of our long-term experience in Brazil, the client retained Vogel Management to explore the Brazilian market opportunities.

Our services: Vogel Management met with key stakeholders including government officials, potential channel partners and customers to identify steps necessary to succeed in the Brazilian market.

Our recommendation: Vogel Management identified certification requirements necessary before entering result. Although the client’s solution exceeded requirements for certification, the client was unwilling to allocate resources required to be certified. Given the client’s unwillingness to obtain certification, Vogel Management recommended client abandon efforts to penetrate offshore financial markets.

Key client learnings: regardless of solution performance, customer certification requirements must be met and their costs must be included in any offshore budget exercise. If the client is unwilling to incur those costs, client should abandon the market initiative.

Case 2: Wireless Network Security Solution provider seeking to enter key Latin American markets: Brazil, Argentina, and Chile

Client Background: a leading wireless network security solution provider retained Vogel Management to identify and evaluate market opportunities in the major Latin American markets of Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

Our services: Vogel Management identified major distributors in each country, facilitated government regulatory approvals in Brazil, secured an initial contract with the Brazilian Navy (with the help of our strategic partner in Brazil), recruited one distributor, and identified distributor support requirements necessary to build relationships with leading channel partners.

Our recommendation: Vogel Management recommended the client implement distribution programs necessary to attract and retain the leading channel partners in each country. Accustomed to selling on the strength of its technical solution, the client was unwilling spend money on distribution programs.

Key client learnings: The go-to-market strategy that works in domestic markets will require modification to succeed in the global marketplace. Offshore distributors expect US suppliers to have a complete distribution program and are tired of US solution suppliers who “over promise” and “under deliver.”

Case 3: Wireless Network Security Solution provider problems with Mexican channel partner

Client background: a leading wireless network security solution provider had trouble dealing with its existing Mexican channel partner. As result sales into Mexico failed to meet client expectations and the client was missing significant sales opportunities.

Our services: Vogel Management met with the Mexican channel partner and identified the need to provide more complete channel training – – from a commercial and technical perspective.

Our recommendation: provide necessary training and accompany channel partner(s) in initial sales calls and customer presentations and expand company distributor network in Mexico. Vogel Management’s recommendations were implemented successfully by the client and Mexican sales growth resumed.

Key client learnings: regardless of their domestic market position, channel partners require nurturing and training (commercial and technical) during the initial stages of a successful relationship. Exclusive distribution arrangements rarely work and should be avoided.

Case 4: Deep Packet Inspection Solution Provider Brazilian market entry

Client background: a leading deep packet inspection solution provider wanted to participate in the Brazilian government’s RFI/RFP/RFQ process and lacked the capability to initiate and manage the process. Working with its Brazilian partner, Vogel Management secured participation in the evaluation, identified timing and resource requirements necessary to succeed and identified potential barriers to client success.

Our recommendation: after responding to the RFI phase, it became apparent that further client participation in the process was unwarranted and unlikely to result in sales. Vogel Management recommended the client abandon this government sales initiative.

Key learnings: government contracts require huge commercial, technical and time commitments. Clients should look beyond potential sales revenue and have a good understanding of potential client profitability.

Case 5: Identification of Internet Sellers of Counterfeit Professional Sports Teams’ Logo Merchandise

“Client” background:  Vogel Management and its partners identified sellers of counterfeit merchandise during normal daily Internet monitoring. With no direct access to the professional sports teams affected by the counterfeit activity, we brought the counterfeit activity to the attention of the law firm representing one professional sports team.

Our recommendation: Demonstrate the benefits of regular Internet monitoring capability to the professional sports team and take actions to stop the counterfeit activity.  After internal discussions, the law firm, fearful of disrupting its present business relationship (and revenue stream), decided not to inform its client of Vogel Management’s Internet monitoring capability.

Key learnings: Continuous regular monitoring can reveal unauthorized use of company logos, credentials, trade secrets and other assets that can significantly reduce top-line revenue and bottom-line profits. Vogel Management offers clients a full range of services including internet monitoring, evidence collection, damage assessment and expert testimony to minimize the impact revenue and profit losses from unauthorized use of company assets/secrets for clients, and offers a full-service package to protect its clients from unauthorized use of their IP -related assets.

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