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Founded in 2003, IPDI provides digital threat monitoring and related computer forensic services. IPDI services enable clients to manage cyber threats, including digital sabotage, malicious attacks, and intellectual property theft, proactively. IPDI’s monitoring services enable clients to implement strong safeguards against cyber threats and cybersecurity “best practices.” IPDI’s clients include major global financial institutions and multinationals. Vogel Management has worked with IPDI for over 10 years. IPDI is taking steps to establish a direct presence in North America. Additional information about IPDI can be found on their website.

North-Rica Risk

North-Rica Risk is a risk management firm with global reach experienced in asset tracking and recovery. All North Rica team members are former law enforcement and intelligence community professionals with extensive experience investigating fraud, technology diversion, and corporate espionage. Through its international network and strategic alliances, North Rica provides clients global service capabilities. North Rica works with C-level executives and their corporate counsels. Vogel Management has worked with North Rica for almost 5 years. Additional information about North Rica is available on their website.

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